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We provide a safe and confidential atmosphere for clients to discuss the problems they are facing.  Therapy always begins is an assessment of the clients current problems. In therapy we work on identifying what particular behaviors cause problems, exactly what types of situations, thoughts, feelings, and other circumstances lead to those problems and what new behaviors or skills can be used to prevent the problems from re-occurring. A holistic treatment plan is developed which takes into account all of the influential elements in a person's life Therapy involves a mindfulness-based treatment approach that gives clients a new way of approaching life and the problems that they face. Rather than acting automatically, or out of habit, clients will learn to respond more effectively to the challenges that life presents.

Eating Disorders - Treatment for anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder is challenging and getting the right help can make the difference between getting better or struggling with what can be a life threatening illness.  We have extensive knowledge and experience working with eating disorders. The eating disorder program works collaboratively with community physicians, hospitals, dietitians, and psychiatrists to provide the best care for the client.  A comprehensive individualized treatment plan will be developed and therapy will focus on triggers for eating disorder symptoms, coping strategies, emotional regulation, family patterns, setting boundaries, finding purpose, and mindfulness skills. 


When depression sets in a person can become deeply unhappy and an avalanche of feelings, thoughts, physical sensations, and behaviors often come into play.  Therapy can help sort out the causes of the emotional upheaval and provide the needed support to work through the depression.  Mindfulness techniques are learned in counseling which can help free individuals from chronic unhappiness and help them discover the joy in living.

When a person is suffering from anxiety, fears, panic, unsettling thoughts, painful memories, and worry that is negatively impacting their life counseling can help. Anxiety disorders are treatable, and the vast majority of people with an anxiety disorder can be helped with professional care. Therapy will focus on learning mindfulness skills that can help deal with the anxieties of everyday life.

Couples counseling can help you identify the problems in your relationship, increase effective communication and skills to rekindle the joy of being with your partner

 We also offer help with the challenges of raising children - It is often said that parenting is the toughest job you will ever have. Psychotherapist, Emily Jarrett, is an experienced parent that has a wealth of knowledge in this area. We offer help to parents in several areas; how to raise grateful children, motivating your children, learning to set boundaries in family systems, dealing with strong-.willed and defiant children

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Inspirational and practical ways to de-stress and realize your creative potential.  Emily is a professional artist and loves to help clients of all ages find ways of using creativity to express themselves.


Transformations Today accepts Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Quartz, Alliance, and some Mayo Health Plans. ​A variety of other health plans are accepted at Transformations Today. Please contact us and your health plan provider to verify your coverage.

The following fees apply to self-pay clients

with cash, check, or credit card payment at the time of service:

Intake Session: 60 minutes - $145.

Individual Therapy: 30 minutes - $ 70.

                                  50 minutes - $ 125.

Couples Therapy: 50 minutes - $135.

Group Therapy or Class: 60 minutes - $45.

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