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Emotional Support Animal ESA Letter

Emotional Support Animals - ESAs are chosen as companions to individuals who are psychologically or emotionally disabled. These companions can be a dog, cat, or other animal.  ESAs are distinguished by the close, emotional, and supportive bond between the animal and the owner.  An ESA benefits their owner by providing a positive therapeutic affect.

Contact me below for a ESA letter consultation.  I will contact you to set up an appointment and if approved for an emotional support animal you will receive a letter allowing you to have your animal live with you.  The cost of the assessment and letter is 140.

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For someone fighting anxiety, depression, or another diagnosable disorder, feeling happier and calmer is life changing. There is research that shows having an animal can provide psychological benefits and emotional support. Laws such as the fair housing act give people the rights to have a designated emotional support animal live with them.  I am licensed to provide the required ESA letter that is needed to have an emotional support animal. Contact me to set up an assessment to see if you qualify.

Thanks! Message sent.

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